Quick Sketch Watercolor Workshop Supplies:

I will have pre-drawn portraits for you to work on as part of our exercises - or you may draw freehand.  You may also bring along portrait drawings of your own to work on. (I’d suggest just bringing smaller drawings with faces only - as there really won’t be time to deal with other elements)

Bring along several smaller sheets of watercolor paper (around 8 x 10 ) or a watercolor block. I use 200 lb Saunders Waterford Hot Press - or other hot press brands. I’ll have some of that for you to try if you aren’t familiar with using Hot Press paper. I’ll be supplying the actual paper for our projects. This is only “extra paper”.

Bring all your usual watercolor supplies: water container, paper towels, board to attach your watercolor paper to, drawing pencils (I just use BIC #2 mechanical pencils), push pins or tape.

If you have an iPad - PLEASE bring it along, so I can show you my method of using it to check your drawing accuracy.  If you don’t have an ipad, but have another tablet that can connect to wifi, bring it along. You can access the reference photos for the workshop on these tablets. If you don’t have any tablet - no worries - we’ll have printouts of all materials.

Bring your own palette and brushes that you feel comfortable with. I’d suggest using no brushes smaller than a #10. I use Loew Cornell Ultra Round brushes (very cheap and I just grab a new one when I wreck the point)

I use mostly transparent colors. Here’s my current palette for those who are interested. (But don’t feel you need to buy new colors for the workshop.)  I use a variety of brands: Holbein, Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith


Permanent Yellow Light

*Winsor Yellow Deep

Brilliant Orange


*Alizarin Crimson

Quinacridone Gold

Raw Sienna

Raw Umber

*Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

*Quinacridone Coral

Opera Pink

*Quinacridone Magenta

*Mineral Violet

Quinacridone Violet

*Manganese Blue or Peacock Blue

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue


*Hookers Green

Green Gold

Sap Green

Olive Green


*Starred items are ones I couldn’t live without for portrait work.

Here's a picture for those interested in the brands of paint I use.